There are thousands of ways by which the talented hands of our ancestors have been crafting true treasures of beauty. Handed down from generation to generation, but preserving the personality of Romanian people, these techniques are still being used during present times. Amongst these one can mention the weaving technique, embroidery or crocheting. 
All these handmade products are widely used: as household articles, clothing, decorative accessories or articles used in customs.
Weaving and embroidering are decorating techniques which confer special characteristics to these objects.

        The subcarpathic ethnical regions Arges and Muscel excel in embroidery technique, with a large variety of embroidery seams. The specific of our work is the pulled threads technique. The number of pulled threads is directly linked to the degree of complexity of decorative patterns to be created. The needlework afterwards is realised with cotton, linen or silk threads having the same colour as the background or different ones. The main material used is a mixture of linen, cotton and sometimes other fibers too. Another ancient technique we use is the handmade crocheted lace and the most commonly used patterns are geometrical and floral.

Table Cloth + Napkins Set

Square Table Cloth
      Our work was highly appreciated in workshops, exhibitions and fairs in important ethnographical museums: Romanian Peasantís Museum, Village Museum in Bucharest,The Astra Museum of Traditional Folk Civilisation in Sibiu.
Nowadays, preserving the tradition does not signify isolation. On the contrary, it signifies open-mindedness. Therefore, the products realised and presented here have both artistical and practical value.
They are well adapted to the requirements of the modern life , using at the same time the traditional ornaments of the folk creation and preserving the specific of the handmade work.

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